Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Update In My Cottage Kitchen....

Hello and weclome back sweet friends....
If you follow me on Instagram you know I have some major news.
We might be moving to Huntsville, Alabama.
I know, start freaking out now....
Me too, but in a good way.
Most of the time.
It is not 100% and I was not even going to write about it if it was not for sure.
But then I thought you might like to talk it out with me...
I do that you know.
 So for today I am sharing my little kitchen redo of the island!
Long over do, but lets take a look around.

I loved all the island makeovers I had been seeing online. 
I had wanted to so something for a long time to my kitchen.
We priced wood, and it was costly.
Beadboard paneling was a good option, but I was not sold.
I wanted shiplap!  
And I could have done that and aged the planks...
But this is so much easier!
I did it myself in about an hour.
I just love how it turned out.
Just love it.
I kept the front natural and it could be removed if someone does not like it.
But come on.... it looks so much better than before.

I love anything aged, white, chippy, burlap...
It was too perfect.
 I have been looking at homes in the area we may be...
 And I have to tell you, I will miss this kitchen.

What will I do with all my stuff.
I will have to have a pantry or something.
The antiques?  They will come with me...
The table?  Maybe not, it is so big and bulky.
I do know I want to do a cottage style again.
Hopefully with white cabinets or something I would paint light cream or some fun grey.
I love my light counters... I would hate to have them super dark.
It is fun to think about a new place to decorate.
 And terrifying to think of this house on the market for however long.
 I hope we will know something in the next few days or weeks.
 We have been down to the area and it is lovely.
Mountain views, lovely homes, nice people.
We are going to downsize quite a bit.
 My daughters will be in collage soon and my hubby and I want to travel.
 Something one story, brick, fenced in yard.... lots of storage.
Huntsville is four hours south of us. much warmer in winter months.
But I am really just leaving it up to God's plan.
If it works out, wonderful.
If it does not there is a reason we need to stay.
We have a beautiful place here at the lake.

We will not ever have anything like this again.
But part of me thinks it might be time to hand it over
to a new family, with new memories to make here.

I am okay either way....
And you would not believer how much junk I have sold,
pitched and donated.

Maybe this was my hubbies way of making me clean out the closets...?
I will let you know if we find out anything...

Source for the paper was in my last post...

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  1. Oh dear... moving... oh I understand... me we are wanting our first house.. and it has been just awful with all of the new rules and such for the financing.... couldn't even make an offer on this one house.. but I LOVE your house and your GARDEN... I have to warn you.. roses do not do as well down here.. the humidity.. unless it's knockouts.. I even have a 9 rated roses that is supposedly good in the south and it's suffering terribly... I will really and truly miss all of your gorgeous home posts and your yard!!! Oh to have your yard!!! hehehe... Well.. God Bless and go ahead and get on Zillow...hehehee Hugs!!! ~~Angela~~

  2. Found you by way of Pinterest. I've only read a couple of posts, but I love your home! Your photos are beautiful, and we have similar tastes. I will be spending some time checking out your previous posts!

  3. Brooke,
    Amazing news, dear friend!
    Stay "open minded" about your new home!
    When we arrived here 14 years ago, I wanted to down size, also!
    I did not want a two~level 1970's Ranch Style Home. . .
    and it took me y e a r s to love her! But, I do!
    Prayers that all goes well!
    Love the wall paper on the Island!

  4. Moving is a blessing and a curse. I remember in my twenties we moved from a 3 story brownstone monstrosity I had filled with antiques, castoffs and borrowed...and moved to chicago area. We had a huge garage sale/antique sale...and then still packed up the largest UHAUL truck possible and two cars...and woe---the only thing we couldn't fit in was the ironing board...LOL.

    So like I said a blessing and a curse. Now I'm faced in my 60's with decluttering and downsizing(blessing) and a remodel---and it will all work out in the end. You have a lovely home---but a new adventure and down-sizing will be a blessing, whether you move or not. grins, Sandi

  5. Love your shiplap island. Just think of moving as an adventure and a new place to decorate and blog about. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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