Friday, August 28, 2015

Starting To Add Fall Touches in my Cottage Kitchen

Okay, it is {almost} the end of August and although some of you are hanging on to summer with all your might... I have been hit by the "Fall Bug".  It's this dang weather, it has been so cool in the mornings... it feels like Fall.
So, I added just a bit to my little wall hutch and country pantry.
Most of my fall gatherings are darker colors that matched the old color scheme.  Never fear...  I have plans to keep it light and fresh for Autumn.  These cute beige pumpkins will fit the bill.
 I am planning on doing a green, cream and rose theme for Fall in most of the house.
So I cut some of my real hydrangea blooms and placed them in the display to dry.  I try to do this every year.  If you cut them with a bit of color, they will dry a lighter version of the same tones.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adding Inexpensive Crystals and a DIY Chandelier

 Welcome back my dears...
 I am sorry to be missing so long.
Almost two weeks since I have shared a post!
Been busy with back to school and HS Girls Golf season.

 Today I am sharing a bit of the bling and new things in the kitchen.
I am such an EBay shopper... 
I just love how many things you can find there.
So a few weeks ago I got on an hanging crystals kick and bought them by the buckets.
Well, not quite... but more than enough to add a good bit of bling here!