Monday, March 31, 2014

NEW!! "Home Sweet Garden" Link Party {4/1}

Happy April!
Yes, it is finally starting to act like Spring here in Indiana.
The grass is greening up and the days are warmer.
Sweet crocuses are blooming... I love these more every year.
Such perfect little bouquets of sheer beauty.
Bonus... they are very hearty and multiply quickly.
So once your clump gets bigger... divide them and add them to other beds.
These have been planted two years.
They will get bigger, but they are showing up nicely on this driveway bed.
Last year I missed getting a photo of the French Pussy Willow shrub.
I love to touch this plant.
I love soft fuzzy things... I grow lambs ear for the feel of it too.
Plants are so cool.
This one is by the front walk.
It is big enough I could cut some branches and take them inside for decor projects.
I have been cutting back grasses and cleaning up beds.
Basically, I have been outside playing.
But it is just too pretty not to be!
Okay, folks... now that you have seen what's going on here...
Let me see what you are up to!
Share your home and garden posts in this VERY FIRST...
Only two notes to mention...posts need to have a floral or garden theme...
(Home Decor, DIY, Repurposed is all welcome)
and please give a link back to me @
Lets get started!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Garden Gawkers #15 - Cute Little Cottage Garden

 Hello dears!
Hope this week is going well for you.
It is still miserable cold in Indiana.
Not very Spring like at all.
I do have a few crocuses blooming and my other bulbs are up.
But we have had snow the last couple days.
It is melted now, but still in the 30s.

So lets warm up with this cute as a button cottage garden.
Complete with a picket fence ♥.

This is #15 in the Garden Gawker Series!
Click the link to see them all if you are just joining us.

This charming garden was part of the 
SW Indiana Master Garden Tour in 2013.

I am over the top excited to invite you to join me starting this Tuesday for my new link up party...

"Home Sweet Garden" Tuesdays at Creative Country Mom's

This is a garden themed party that will be here on my site every Tuesday!
Anything garden or floral themed... inside and out.
Vintage, repurposed, garden tours, front porch ideas...
Lets get creative and be inspired.
Most of all... lets have fun!
See you this Tuesday, April 1st!!
♥ Brooke

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Home Sweet Garden--- New Link Party Coming April 1st!

Spring is finally here!
Let's celebrate by starting a new link up party!
I am happy to invite you to link up your GARDEN THEMED
posts to this new weekly party starting April 1st.

Links can be anything garden themed.... including home decor,
vintage, repurposed... anything with a garden or floral theme.
Please all post must be your own content and no selling themed entries.
Lets just have fun and enjoy some beautiful ideas!

Here is a little logo for you to add to your posts.

I require a link back to my site or entries will be removed.
Please link it to

I would appreciate any help in getting the word out!
Any shout out to your followers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much....Brooke

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Farmhouse Kitchen... Spring 2014

Happy Spring...
Although it feels more like winter today.
But the sun is shining... so lets be thankful.

I thought we were overdue for a kitchen post.
So welcome to my farmhouse style country kitchen.

There was no styling for you today.
My junk is still on the fridge and the toaster and cups are out.
Sports schedules, coupons... our life is on the fridge.
The longer we live here the more I like to have things out and ready to use.
The crocks are not just for display.
I cook with mine.
Even the basket of potatoes are within easy reach.
I love my piepan safe.  
Before I had the doors shut.
But then it becomes a junk drawer... 
Open is much prettier, I think.
The old gas cans and garden stuff... it all works.
This spring I hung little basket trays as a backsplash.
They add a little interest and color.
Greenery on the light.
I hate this builder basic light...
Will be replacing it soon with something with only one or two bulbs.
The old coal stove is tucked into the corner by the fridge.
My little cabinet and shelf is done in green.
Do you see Scoob napping on the couch?
Lol.. lazy dog.
I just love the color.
Vintage watering cans and metal tidbits are favorites.
Another look into the kitchen and some of the goodies on top of the cabinets.
It's everything goes in this house... I love it all.
Thanks so much for stopping by folks!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Changes for Spring...

As it warms up I will be moving my attention to the garden...
and the decorating will have to wait.
But I did tweak it a bit to get ready for warm weather.
That means getting things back away from the widows...
I love to have them open to get the breeze here at the lake.
And getting the houseplants back out of the way and in their summer spots.
I added the little birdhouse on the lamp post this week too.
I still am in love with the cards on the trellises.
The bench got moved, it was too big for the other corner.
And the rocker is now on the porch and my high chair is taking its place.
I love this Jenny Lind chair, so cute.
No, it is not a family heirloom... but a flea market find.
It makes a great plant stand.

My photos are still a bit grainy... 
I think I am going to do some camera shopping soon.
Have a great weekend... 
It is suppose to get up to 70 here today!