Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Really... this is what March looks like?

I will start with a live shot of the backyard.  Yes, this is take just seconds ago.
Blistering cold, blowing snow... wind so bad the dish has been out 4 times...
I have no idea how cold, just WAY too cold... for WAY too long.
I am so ready for Spring.

But earlier in the week I did find a bit of Spring.
Not in our temperatures, it has been below normally cold and wet
here in Indiana... but the plants are ready to GROW.

 Here is my baby hellebores, they are in the first year.  But four of the five have blooms.
 Here you can see how pretty they are.... three are this pink color and one is white.  I think the 5th one will be white as well.  Love how they bloom in the snow.
 Columbines are one of the first perennials up by the front steps.  Nice to see I will have many this year.
 Cyclamin coum has been blooming for at least two months.  I just have this little patch, but I am hoping to add many more.
 I love its pattern in the shiny leaves.  It is tiny, only about 4 inches tall.
 Sedums are up early every year.  Looks like this will be a big one this summer.  Might be time to divide it.  Always a good thing.
 Fancy coral bells are putting on new leaves.  I love this color, I am happy they are semi-evergreen and add a bit of color all winter long.
 Watering cans on the bench... waiting to be used again.
 I am happy to say my roses are showing new growth.  I carefully examined each one and we have survived the winter!
 This is the first year I have not lost a rose, I added extra protection and mulch last fall.
 My lovely lilac are budding out.  This one is a tree form.  I must say I can't wait to smell them again.
But wait... it is not to be for at least a few more weeks...  That groundhog had no idea what he was talking about...
Because it certainly feels like winter to me...
What is it they say.... In like a lion.... out like a lamb?
Let's hope!

Happy Gardening...

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