Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Red and Green for Christmas…..


Picture 004

Picture 036

Picture 485

Picture 273

Picture 286

Picture 282

Picture 305

Picture 318

Picture 361

Picture 363

Oh the joy of lovely bits of red and green…. in the garden of course!  I hope everyone is having a nice holiday with their families.  The girls and I made homemade peanut butter fudge today.  It is one of our new traditions…. and just once a year….because  it is addictive!  Kind of like gardening I guess… I know we all feel the same way, lets do Christmas and then BRING ON SPRING!

Much Love….Brooke

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My lost November Post....

Hello there.... I logged on to my blogger account and found a post that had never been sent.  So I will send it now.... It was originally title....  "Next Years Blooms".... and it was from Nov 19th.

Next years blooms are right here.  These are the hollyhocks I started from seed late this summer.  Don’t they look great?  I can’t wait to see them all blooming!
Here is the front walk this week.  It is a bit protected and still looks pretty good.  We have had enough frost that things are fading fast.
Like my rose here, she looks a bit rough, but still beautiful to me.  So many have buds, but I am wondering if they will ever open.  So this may be one of the last.
But the grasses are going strong.
I just love them… wanting more and more!
But this red on my crepe myrtle is fantastic.  I don’t remember it getting this color last year.
And of course, I have more iris blooms!  I can see them from the house and check to see if they have opened each morning.  It make me look forward to even more blooms next year!
Happy Gardening…..Brooke

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Home and Garden Tour



Taking a minute to wish everyone Merry Christmas!



I made a little Home and Garden Tour Video for you….

We are expecting 5-8 inches of the white stuff tonight.

I will need to take more pics!

Stay Warm Folks…..Brooke

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Morning Sunrise


Wanted to show you some pictures of the sun coming up over the butterfly garden.


The light was just magical….


Making everything just glow….


Especially the grasses…..


And the trees…..


The morning sun made the leaves glisten….


And the blooms brighter….


Especially the irises….


And the coneflowers still blooming…..


Signs of winter are all around us…..


So I cherish the last few pretty mornings I can be outside.

Happy Gardening….Brooke

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frosty Morn


It was a beautiful sunrise the other day, a we had just a touch of frost.


So yes, silly me, I went out in 30 degree weather to take pictures.


It is just so pretty to see the tiny bits glisten on the plants.


Even though so many things are dying back this week, I still find so much beauty in the garden.IMG_7687

What lovely gifts they have been for me this year.  I am so thankful I took pictures to remember them for the long weeks ahead.

Happy Gardening….Brooke

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November Roses!


I had to make a new file folder for the first time this morning…. November Blooms! 


My “The Fairy” Roses are just full of color…. the is a perfect bouquet!

IMG_7691 I have a pink and white theme in this bed…. here is an Immortality RB iris with the roses in the background.  There are six irises, but just this one is blooming…. I hope all of them will be next year.


More detail…. and it has a wonderful scent.


What is not to love about irises…. I have so many that are new… I cannot wait till they bloom next spring!


My annuals have been taking off again.  I am thinking about digging this one up today to try to save it from the frosts.


These white mums have been so striking at the firepit.  You can see them from the road.  Just this week they are getting a touch of pink.


I love grasses…. this one is by the driveway…. it looks fantastic and I just planted it before the garden tour this summer.


Here you can see it with my Sunny Knockout Roses….


Aren’t they the most vibrant yellow?  They fade as they mature…. but I love them.

I have more pictures to share soon…. I took some of the rising sun and frost the other morning.

Until then…..Happy Gardening….Brooke

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween House Tour


Thought since I am getting ready to take some of these pretty things down tomorrow I have better show them to your first.


I love the holidays and decorate for every single one…. I think!  There is a huge amount of boxes, bags and cabinets of holiday stuff in my basement.  And I need to get rid of even more…. but I just can’t seem to help myself.  I love it all.


But I love the colors of fall the most.  My kitchen walls are pumpkin and sage.  It looks fall all year, but it just glows right now.


Mason Jars and a hand held mixer.  I will be storing seeds in these soon.  My junk has a purpose!  Lol…


I love the worn handle on the mixer…. I think this one was hubby’s grandmas.


My mom’s kitchen is all chickens… I just have this one….  so far!


This hangs on the patio door.


Some greenery from my countertop.



Some black crows in the living room.


A collection of fall things on my TV cabinet…. the branches is from annual baby’s breath!  It dried fantastic, one more reason to grow it.


I have little pumpkins everywhere.


These are in my dining room,


But this is my favorite “fall” item…. a painting that was done for my grandparents of the house I grew up in….


My parents bought it when I was three.  It was the “home place” of our family farm. 


We lived there until I was 18, and now it looks much different.  But I think it is such a blessing to have a painting of your childhood home, just as you remember it.


And the fall leaves in it just are perfect.  They are huge maples I remember playing under.  The one on the left is gone now.  It looks a bit odd when I go by there not to see it.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend with your families.  We are mowing one last time and then putting up the hoses and gardening things for the year.  Which is fine because I am now thinking pretty hard about where the trees are going this year.  I am guessing I will start the Christmas decorating in a few days!  Lol… It takes me about 2 weeks to do it every year. 

Lol…. Happy Halloween….Brooke