Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little by little....things are looking bright!

Isn't this pretty. It is one of the annuals I picked up last week.

But here is one I grew from seed! Yeah! It is the first of the sweet alyssum to bloom. It is under some rose bushes and will be a pretty filler. All of my little seedling starts are getting bigger. This is the first year I have messed with it and I have enjoyed seeing things pop up.

Speaking of popping up, look at the size of this iris. I do not know the name, but it is HUGE!

It is so pretty and a bit "flatter" on top than my other iris. I got them for free, and wow, are they putting on a show. Maybe a Siberian? I don't know, but it looks very different from the others.

This is just a few of them, but you see they are everywhere and still more to bloom. I love it that you can finally see something from the road when you drive by.

Another of the annuals, a double petunia. I love this color.

Some Evening Stock, I think I bought 24 of these in pinks, wine and this purple. Another annual, but hoping it might reseed?

I love this flower. Sensation-Rose Salvia, it is a long bloomer in my garden.

You can see my hostas are coming back nicely. I have tons of them. I bought some from one of the nursery catalogs labeled "Handful of Hostas" and they had the prettiest blooms last year. They we're pure white, larger then any bloom I have ever seen on a hosta and had a light sweet smell. I will take pics when they bloom.

Some of my variegated vinca in the butterfly garden is blooming. I didn't even know variegated bloomed. It is very light blue and you have to look close to see them. But it is cute and now I know to look for it.

As you can see, I won't be getting the hoses out this week. It has poured the last 2 days and it keeps on coming. I know the plants appreciate it, but not much is getting done outside. Maybe I will finally get the laundry caught up?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seeing Pink...."Heirloom" and "Rugosa" Roses!

Here is a new rose in my garden in bloom today! It is "Heirloom" and I think it gets much bigger and darker once fully open, but you can see it is pretty here too.

It is sooooo nice to see my roses coming back! I have several just ready to "pop!"

Here is a good shot of "Rugosa Rosa" from today. It rained here this morning so I have some pretty drops in the pics.

There bushes are probably 4+ feet tall and you can finally see them over my retaining wall from inside the house. I have waited three years to see pink blooms there!

I will have more pics tomorrow, I have been busy around the house today, but just had to "shoot" the pink blooms! Have a great day....

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Blooms For You Today!

This is so pretty together. It is regular old bachellor buttons (Mountain Bluet) and purple iris, but the colors are almost exactly the same. I do not know the name of the iris. But it is beautiful and I have about 30 of these scattered up the front walk. This is the first to bloom, but all are ready! I love spring!

Here is a voila that is in the same bed. I love blues and purples, but later on there will be pinks with them too. It is neat to have different color schemes in each season in the same beds. I am trying to do that more now.

My first blooms on a new plant for me, Old fashioned bleeding heart. I bought it last spring and it is so pretty. It is next to a peony, they will be pretty together. It is the brightest pink, wow.

My white azaleas are starting to bloom. :)

I can't believe I got this shot, they are so tiny, but cute.

All my strawberry plants are blooming. Yum! They are in a bad place, but are happy there, so I hate to move them. They are right by the steps to the deck. But it is fun to be watering plants and pick a big red strawberry right out of the flower bed!

This one is sort of cheating, it is just planted last week and had been in a greenhouse. But hey, a rose bloom is a rose bloom to me! These blooms are a bad example of this very nice rose, it is an Iceburg. I will get better pics later this summer. But for now, it is pretty to me! Lol...

Thanks for the nice comments and have a great week!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Rose BLOOM Of The Year!

Yeah! The first bloom of the year from my roses. This is a rugosa rosa and I have 7 of them as a hedge beside my wing-wall of the walk-out basement. They are soooo tough and wild, but so pretty when they bloom. It is loaded and will be lovely in a few days.
Here is some more pretty things in bloom today.....

Ornimental Strawberry flower in bloom.... so pretty.

The voilas are still doing good.

Coral Bells.

Sea thrift, so bright and pretty.

Pascae flower and vinca minor. Lovely this year.

Hostas, voilas, daylily, and a peony ready to bloom.

Creeping phlox.

Last night my bearded irsis was closed up pretty tight, but today it is really opening fast. So I will have pics of them soon. Hugs to all and Happy Sunday....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whew! I'm Back!!

I'm back, life...job...holidays and kids has kept me super busy lately!

Here is some pics from yesterday. We are finally getting some warm weather. I have looked at other blogs and my garden is waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind most. Most things are just coming up for me.

Here is some shots of my "Butterfly Garden" It is on a hill just outside my garage that overlooks the lake. I have 6 different colors of butterfly bushes there and love them. They sway with ornamental grasses, boxwood's, a sugar maple, knock out roses, lavender, burning bushes, variegated vinca, daylilys, and several new floribunda roses (I will talk about them soon!).

Here is a new bench this year. I love it! It was on sale for $40.00 at Rural King. It has a daylily and butterfly on the back. I love a great! Yes, we had the 4-wheelers out yesterday too.

Close up of hearty geraniums, daylily, sweet william getting ready to bloom, a "Welcome Home" rose bush and a new smoke bush. I love the purple leaves.

Here is a shot of the rose blooms from the web. Mine will be blooming in about 2 weeks. It is one of my prettiest yellow roses.

This shows all the lillys popping up. I bought 50 bulbs 2 years ago and have them all over. I love them. More roses, barberry, coral bells, ect.

This is in front of my home. The center is a "Tamora" David Austin rose, penstemon "Husker Red", "Plum Pudding" Heuchara, Daylilys, Hostas, ect. It is filling in nicely.

Just to the right of my front steps is this bed. The metal container is new there. I will fill it with annuals. There is a hydrangea behind it that will all but hide the birdhouse by late summer. Several things are popping up here. Lots of columbine and evening primrose.

This is a new hydrangea I purchased yesterday. It is pinky-winky and I am so excited to have one. It's the "hot" thing this year and I got mine for $18.00 at a tiny little greenhouse. That sounds like a bunch, but they are 30 and up elsewhere. This one is good sized too. :)

Here is one that is blooming from the web. Wow!!! Mine is right on the corner so you can see it from several directions. Lambs ear, peony, daylily, dianthus, hosta ect are around it.

Here is a pic of the right corner of my porch. This is one of my prettiest beds and we had to dig it out and fix the gutter downspout. It is all done now....but dang! Don't you hate that. I will move things if it does not fill back in one its own. You can also get a peek at my window boxes. I just put ferns in them this year. They are in full shade and I bought a $12.00 boston and chopped it in half! I did this last year too and it worked great. It looks great all year and it would have taken $40 in annuals to fill them the way they need to be filled. I think that's a deal!

Close up of my Bachelor buttons and bearded iris. I love irises! I just bought a new "Immortality" White Rebloomer. There is also astilbe and hostas here. A big Nikko blue too, that is pink for me.

Anyway, that is a few of the things going on at my house. We are planting 4 more trees today. They are good sized (about 8 feet tall) Silver Maples and Redbuds. The grass is looking better this year, but still slow to fill in. I am ready for the house and garden to not look so "new", but I know it takes time.

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's pics (what time I have had). Everyone have a great weekend.....


Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Decor...and a note.

Isn't the bunny cute. He is next to an "Easter Tree" I have in the kitchen.

I am busy today getting ready for little sister's 7th birthday party.
She has 4 friends riding home on the bus w/ her today.

Have to run to town and get the cake and a few crafts for them. Would have loved to had it on the deck, but it is cold and rainy. So it looks like I will be missing a few days.
Have a great weekend....